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Happy Friday

I only got a few tulips this year from last year’s bulbs. Luckily, they were these pretty white ones.

First Pea Harvest

Here is my first harvest of peas. This is a Little Marvel Sugar Snap Pea. Admittedly my harvest would have been larger if I hadn’t been snacking on them for a few weeks. These babies are so sweet they are good fresh off the vine. […]

First CSA Box

My goal this year was to really expand my palete and to utilize more local products. There are a wealth of farms and programs available in our area and it’s shame not to use them. Growing up I wasn’t exposed to a lot of vegetables […]

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I was innocently shopping for potting soil at Ace when I spotted the beneficial insect display. Amongst the containers of lady bugs and nematodes were the cartons of praying mantis eggs. While some may argue that other beneficial insects are more efficient, I can’t resist […]

White Freesia

Grape Hyacinth

In the past I have always grown Grape Hyacinth in a pot and they looked pretty but not spectacular. But last year, I walked by a yard filled with with grape hyacinth and it looked amazing. It was a forest of small grape like flowers. […]

Sunday Tulips

Second Chance

I bought this Orchid for just a couple bucks at Grocery Outlet last year. The flowers and buds dropped off not long after I brought it home. However, it’s happier plant this year and practically overnight it bloomed this pretty flower.

Spring in January?

Freesia It’s starting to feel and look more like spring around here. Calendula Dwarf Sugar Snap Pea Flower

Doing a Little Rain Dance

While the rest of the country has been buried in snow and record low temperatures, we have been bombarded with sunshine. Which is fine until you start thinking of the future water shortage and drought conditions. The weather reports kept changing from predicting endless sunshine […]