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  • Exploring the School Garden

    I was bored with our usual playground routine so one day Max and I took off to one of the local elementary schools. I was pleasantly surprised to find gardens throughout the school. There was the main garden area with cute signs and raised beds. But there were also small more personal little gardens by […]

  • What’s Blooming in the Garden

      Here’s just a few shots of what’s blooming in our garden this month.  My camera and cellphone are currently filled with pictures. It’s the loading them and writing on the blog that I’m having trouble with. So far it’s been a very nice summer with just one awful heatwave. It’s going to be tricky […]

  • Greetings

    Greetings from Davis, Ca. We have experienced a number of life changes since I last posted. In the past two years I got engaged, got married to my wonderful husband, had a baby, lost my dog to Lupus , quit my job and pursued self employment. All of this made it difficult to keep up two […]

  • Summer Harvest Carrot Cake

    Summer Harvest Carrot Cake

    One of the most rewarding vegetables to grow yourself are carrots. Like tomatoes the flavor of a grocery store carrot cannot compete with homegrown carrots. Homegrown carrots are deliciously complex while grocery store varieties tend to be bland and flavorless. Orange maybe the most common color for carrots but my favorites are the yellow and […]

  • Summer Blooms

    Summer Blooms

    At this moment, I am sipping my iced espresso and enjoying my air conditioning. Like most of the country we are riding out a heat wave. Gardening work is usually done in the morning and the evening when the temperatures are a little cooler. I was too busy with personal projects to do much with […]

  • Colorado Wild Flowers

    When we visited Colorado I was struck by their amazing wildflowers. Stunning shades of yellow and orange were everywhere.

  • Looking Back at the Summer Harvest

    It’s that time of year where I need to say good by to the summer vegetables. The majority of summer plants peaked a while a go but a few are still hanging around. The majority of them are an overgrown mess. I’m going to have to show some tough love and rip them out. This […]

  • Welcoming Fall

    The summer heat made a late appearance this year but it’s finally letting go and allowing autumn to take over. The days are shorter and the evenings are cooler. It’s the time of year where you can enjoy the apples and winter squash at the farmers market and you can still collect peppers and eggplants […]

  • Fall Garden

    My blogging has been a little sparse due to some  recent big personal changes. I’ll be posting more about that later. It’s been a great summer filled with unusual, moderate temperatures and cool evenings. That was until recently. The past few  weeks have been filled with temperatures in the high 90’s and low 100’s. The […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Black Eyed Susan