Second Chance

I bought this Orchid for just a couple bucks at Grocery Outlet last year. The flowers and buds dropped off not long after I brought it home. However, it’s happier plant this year and practically overnight it bloomed this pretty flower.






7 responses to “Second Chance”

  1. MNGarden Avatar

    I like it. It looks like it is blushing.

  2. alycia Avatar

    looks great! you are having better luck with your orchid than i am with mine! lol

  3. Julie Avatar

    Oh, how gorgeous! Isn’t it just the best when plants do this, and surprise us with a stunning flower!!!

  4. James Avatar

    Awesome pic, there is something to be said for those that can stick to it long enough to bring something around. Good job.

  5. ambika Avatar

    So Georgia O’Keefe! I love it.

    The poor orchid I bought for my cubicle at work just died right off the bat. I think I’m going to try a terrarium next with the hope that I can *not* kill moss.

  6. Kylee from Our Little Acre Avatar

    Oh myyyyyy, that is lovely!

  7. Shauna Avatar

    Well done for getting it to bloom again. I became a green thumb by sort of half killing plants and then learned to revive them by trial and error!!!

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