Grape Hyacinth

In the past I have always grown Grape Hyacinth in a pot and they looked pretty but not spectacular. But last year, I walked by a yard filled with with grape hyacinth and it looked amazing. It was a forest of small grape like flowers. This year I tried to duplicate the look in our front yard. By planting last years bulbs into one small section of the yard. Grape Hyacinth do multiple very well over the winter. I’m sure it will look even better next year.






2 responses to “Grape Hyacinth”

  1. Julie Avatar

    How gorgeous!!! I wish these could be grown here!!! I am jealous! They are just lovely!!!

  2. Joy Avatar

    I love their shade of blue .. they are such sweet little flowers .. I’m not sure if I have any left in my garden with so many perennials packed in .. this reminds me to REMEMBER to plant more in the Fall .. must make a note of it for sure !!

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