First CSA Box

My goal this year was to really expand my palete and to utilize more local products. There are a wealth of farms and programs available in our area and it’s shame not to use them. Growing up I wasn’t exposed to a lot of vegetables and the ones I had were all frozen and reheated. So for the longest time I thought all vegetables tasted the same and had the texture of mush. It was just a few years ago that I realized that I liked broccoli and peas. However, when I go to farmers markets I tend to just stick with what I know. That’s why I joined a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture. Every other week I’ll get a big box of local produce. I’m also getting a dozen eggs from their heritage hens.

Another reason to join a CSA is to support local farms which are in danger of being taken over by bigger corporations. Not only that but Americans waste a tremendous amount of fossil fuels transporting food items across the country. Making our food less healthy and limiting the available food items to what is considered shippable. If your interested in joining a CSA yourself this website will link you to programs in your area,Local Harvest.

I was so excited to get my first box. I practically skipped over to the drop off location. Here’s is a picture of my first haul where I received the following.
First CSA box
First CSA Box
Head of Cabbage
2 bags of Almonds
Generous amount of Navel Oranges
Giant Purple Top Turnip

The two items that I’ve never cooked with are cabbage and the other is turnip. In fact I don’t know of anyone who’s had turnip. If there any turnip lovers are out there, I’d love to hear your suggestions. Also, are turnips always this huge? It’s practically as big as my head.
Valenica Oranges CSA Box 1






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  1. Karen Avatar

    Good for you! We did a CSA once for a while but I was pretty bad about being creative with the contents. In theory, it was fun, but in practice, yeesh, what the )(@*&#$ to do with that monster turnip? Good luck, hope you find great recipes! Our CSA provided some – does yours not? I think they should if they’re gonna give you something pretty odd right out of the gate.

  2. Shala Avatar

    That turnip is HUGE! I would have no idea what to do with it. haha

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