Praying Mantis Eggs

I was innocently shopping for potting soil at Ace when I spotted the beneficial insect display. Amongst the containers of lady bugs and nematodes were the cartons of praying mantis eggs. While some may argue that other beneficial insects are more efficient, I can’t resist them. They are so alien looking and feisty. The carton actually contained two eggs and they should product between 50-200 babies. I had a few living in my mint plants last year and I’m hoping a few will resettle there this year.






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  1. ambika Avatar

    This is so neat. You rarely see these kind of bugs in the city but they fascinate me when I encounter them.

  2. Karen Avatar

    You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person. I have heard that they tend to migrate after hatching, but maybe they like your mint well enough to stick around. I have to admit, I think if I saw one I would probably shriek! They are so freaky. Good luck with the hatchlings!

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