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  • Garden Helper

    Jack thought he would help me out in the garden this weekend. I made the mistake of giving a rawhide treat outside and while I was planting missed him doing some gardening of his own. Maybe he’s hoping he’ll get a good crop of treats in the spring.

  • Wordless Wednesday

  • A Wet and Sunny May Bloom Day

    Yesterday, was an interesting bloom day. Rain had been in the forecast for awhile but I assumed it would be one of those nice spring drizzles. I was quite surprised when in the middle of walking my dog we got pelted with hail accompanied by thunder and lightening. By the time we got home we…

  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter! I thought I would share this old picture of Jack in his finest Easter attire. Now that he’s older his tolerance for head gear has gone down.

  • Where Did the Summer Go?

    I cannot believe it’s already September. Right now summer and fall are having a tug of war with the temperature. We will have 102 degree weather on Sunday only to have a pleasant 85 degree weather on Monday. I am sorry I have been neglecting my blogging duties. It’s not because I haven’t been gardening…

  • First Sunflower of the Summer

    This year I decided not to grow the mammoth sunflowers since they were consumed by ants last year. Instead I grew a nice row of the smaller hybrid sunflowers. These grew up to my nose last year but this year they are huge. They apparently didn’t get the memo that they are supposed to be…

  • Lovely June

    Wow, it’s already the second week of June. We have been spoiled by the weather. Usually, around this time of year we are all melting from triple digit heat. But lately, it’s been in the low 80’s. We even had a touch of rain and thunderstorms. All of this means I’ve been outdoors and away…

  • Harvesting Garlic

    This year I planted to types of garlic, Tempest Brown Garlic and German Porcelain Garlic. Garlic is ready to harvest when the greens are seventy percent brown. The Tempest Brown aren’t quite ready yet but the German Garlic gave me all the indicators that it was ready to go. I am a little disappointed by…

  • Happy Friday

    Have a great weekend everyone. If your like my dog Jack, then that involves sleeping in the sun for hours and occasionally taking a break to chase butterflies and bees. If your like me you will be doing this with a cold margarita in your hand.

  • Black Eyed Susans

    I grew a few random wild flowers from seed, only to have their labels fade away. I’ve been guessing on the varieties of three different plants. I am happy to see that one of the three is this sunny Black Eyed Susan. I am still waiting for the other two to start growing flowers so…