Harvesting Garlic


This year I planted to types of garlic, Tempest Brown Garlic and German Porcelain Garlic. Garlic is ready to harvest when the greens are seventy percent brown. The Tempest Brown aren’t quite ready yet but the German Garlic gave me all the indicators that it was ready to go. I am a little disappointed by this harvest. The garlic heads are much smaller than I would have liked.

I’ve actually used a few as spring garlic since they weren’t much bigger than a couple of cloves. The flavor is mild but very flavorful. I used it on garlic bread.

I must admit that I didn’t spend as much time nurturing my garlic like I did last year. I really should have trimmed it more to ensure it was concentrating on growing the bulbs and not flowers. I also should have done a better job with mulching and fertilizing. I’m hoping the Brown Tempest will be huge in comparison.






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  1. Julie Avatar

    Hi! They sure look good in the photo! I am mostly disappointed when I grow vegetables. Our soil is so sandy here it is impossible to grow anything decent! I am hoping your second crop of garlic will be HUGE!!!!! Good luck!

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