First Sunflower of the Summer

First Sunflower

This year I decided not to grow the mammoth sunflowers since they were consumed by ants last year. Instead I grew a nice row of the smaller hybrid sunflowers. These grew up to my nose last year but this year they are huge. They apparently didn’t get the memo that they are supposed to be small. Instead they are surpassing the fence. The first to bloom is this gorgeous maroon one. I can’t wait to see the other shades and colors.






2 responses to “First Sunflower of the Summer”

  1. Katie Avatar

    Wow, that is a lovely color! Our first sunflower bloomed the other day. Just a plain yellow one at that.

  2. Julie Avatar

    Oh, please do show a whole row of different colored ones when they all bloom!!! How exciting! This color is great!!!

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