Black Eyed Susans


I grew a few random wild flowers from seed, only to have their labels fade away. I’ve been guessing on the varieties of three different plants. I am happy to see that one of the three is this sunny Black Eyed Susan. I am still waiting for the other two to start growing flowers so I can identify them.







3 responses to “Black Eyed Susans”

  1. Sean Avatar

    I ended up with a few Susan’s in the garden almost the same way. The labels had been removed at the nursery. All they knew was they were perenials so they sold them to us for almost nothing just to be rid of them. We had to wait til they bloomed to see what we bought.

    1. nkristis Avatar

      Nice, I love when that happens. I ended up with the prettiest mums last year because of similar situation.

  2. Katie Avatar

    Wow! Our Susans are at least a month away from blooming. They are the ones I look forward to the most. A sure sign of summer.

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