Where Did the Summer Go?


I cannot believe it’s already September. Right now summer and fall are having a tug of war with the temperature. We will have 102 degree weather on Sunday only to have a pleasant 85 degree weather on Monday.

I am sorry I have been neglecting my blogging duties. It’s not because I haven’t been gardening and attempting to be crafty. On the contrary it’s been a summer of great weather, good gardening, and excellent food.

I thought over the next few days, I would review the ups and downs of the past few months.






2 responses to “Where Did the Summer Go?”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    I was asking that same question today. It seems the older I get, the shorter the summers are becoming. I think it is something to do with, not being able to accomplish as much as I once could. Sighhhhh!

  2. Julie Avatar

    Well, howdy! I can hardly believe it is Sept. already either! Where has the year gone??? I am anxiously awaiting the first cool day though, I tell ya!!!

    So nothing crafty, eh???

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