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Rainy Bloom Day

It’s bloom day again, and I finally have some flowers to post. It’s been a long winter for us Northern Californians. I will admit that we are total winter wimps, but even we have been wondering if spring was going to show up after a […]

Spring is On the Way

Last night we had a pretty big storm and the weather channel claims there is a possibility of snow tonight. What’s even stranger is that while we had mainly blue skies and sunshine today, my friends who are only thirty minutes away were experiencing hail […]

Winter Harvest: Romanesco

One of my goals this winter was to grow more varieties of winter vegetables. The community garden enabled me to grow more than my usual lettuce crops. I expanded the garden to include kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and my personal favorite Romanesco. Ironically, the lettuce did […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s been a very cold winter for us this year. Thankfully, we aren’t buried under snow like other areas but we have been experiencing record lows. I have been faithfully checking the weather channel and when I see a chance of frost I go into […]

December Bloom Day

It’s already December 15th, and that means it’s Bloom Day with May Dreams Garden. December isn’t the most prolific time for flowers but I still have a few stubborn plants. They seem to be enjoying the cold and extremely wet weather. The roses have plenty […]

Using the Last of The Eggplant

The temperature dipped to 39 degrees last night. That means saying good-by to my remaining eggplants. This year I grew Black Beauty, Casper, and my new favorite the heirloom variety Rotonda Bianca Sfumata. The last three plants had at least ten eggplants on them. I […]

Fort Mason Community Garden

While exploring Fort Mason, I accidentally stumbled upon it’s gorgeous community garden. I felt like like Mary Lennox discovering the Secret Garden. Beyond the garden gate is a massive 7,000 square foot community garden in a park like setting. The numerous plots are surrounded by […]

Fall Flowers

I hoped everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep this morning. This Saturday I worked hard in the neglected backyard. Spent plants were removed and leeks,onions, garlic and violas were planted. I finally got around to turning the makeshift compost bin. I have been using […]

My List of Fall Vegetables

It’s finally fall and I’m a little behind with planting my crops. I had to say good-by to the tomatoes and squash months ago. However, the peppers, eggplant, and basil are still going strong. Which is why I haven’t had the heart to rip them […]

Succulent Flowers

Two of my succulents are in bloom. The yellow flowers are on one of the succulent plants I inherited from a friend of mine. The other is an older succulent of mine and it’s developed a long stalk with red florets.