Spring is On the Way

Last night we had a pretty big storm and the weather channel claims there is a possibility of snow tonight. What’s even stranger is that while we had mainly blue skies and sunshine today, my friends who are only thirty minutes away were experiencing hail and thunderstorms. Despite the winter like temperatures my yard is showing some definite signs of spring. Little bulbs and violas are popping up in every corner. It’s nice to know that spring isn’t too far off even if there is more rain and snow in the near future.

DSC_0027I spotted the first crocus and tulips this morning.
First Crocus

The front yard also has yellow paper whites and grape hyacinth.
Grape Hyacinth
DSC_0020The freesia are starting to make an appearance.

There are also signs of future strawberries and peas in the garden.








2 responses to “Spring is On the Way”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Love to see all the northern flowers poppng out every spring! So exciting!!!

  2. Katie Avatar

    The hail was crazy! It hailed for like 20 minutes. Never seen anything like it. Snow tonight would be interesting, but I hope the weather folks are wrong – lots of fruit trees and agriculture needs it to be warmer than that right now. You have a lot blooming today – I always love the blue flowers (daisies? felicias?) Reminds me of the ones I left behind. I always dig your flower pictures.

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