Baby It’s Cold Outside


It’s been a very cold winter for us this year. Thankfully, we aren’t buried under snow like other areas but we have been experiencing record lows. I have been faithfully checking the weather channel and when I see a chance of frost I go into plant protection mode. I scramble around the backyard covering any large plants and shuffling the smaller ones into the garage. Then I quickly sprint back into the warm house and keep my fingers crossed that the damage will be minimal. So far I’ve only lost tarragon, nasturtium and coleus.
Despite the extra work, I love the frosty images that greet me on these extra cold mornings. Kale and flowers look so much prettier with a little icy dusting.

Purple Kale

Red Sails Lettuce



2 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

  • You know, I wonder if flowers (like the top pic) with frost on them, is what inspired cloth makers to come up with Chenille??? Doesn’t it make you think of it??? Beautiful. That curly kale is so pretty with the frosty edges! Too bad we are only going down to 39 tonight…my kale could have gotten a frosting too!!! LOL.

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