Month: March 2009

  • First CSA Box

    My goal this year was to really expand my palete and to utilize more local products. There are a wealth of farms and programs available in our area and it’s shame not to use them. Growing up I wasn’t exposed to a lot of vegetables and the ones I had were all frozen and reheated. […]

  • I was innocently shopping for potting soil at Ace when I spotted the beneficial insect display. Amongst the containers of lady bugs and nematodes were the cartons of praying mantis eggs. While some may argue that other beneficial insects are more efficient, I can’t resist them. They are so alien looking and feisty. The carton […]

  • Let’s Talk Tomatoes

    The temperatures are increasing and the days are getting longer which can only mean one thing. It’s tomato time! There is something instantly gratifying about growing seedlings. Plant, water, and wait for a few days and then little seedlings emerge. This year I’m trying to plant a little wiser. I’m going to grow heirlooms along […]

  • White Freesia

  • Grape Hyacinth

    In the past I have always grown Grape Hyacinth in a pot and they looked pretty but not spectacular. But last year, I walked by a yard filled with with grape hyacinth and it looked amazing. It was a forest of small grape like flowers. This year I tried to duplicate the look in our […]

  • Little Marvel Peas!

    It looks like I might be getting my first batch of Little Marvel Dwarf Peas. It’s the first time I have attempted to grow peas and I was a little worried when we got so much late season rain last month. They appear to be bouncing back after a rough start. I have two more […]

  • Orange and Mixed Green Salad

    There is nothing better than going to your backyard and selecting something to eat. Leafy greens are best in late winter and early spring. I like to experiment with light vinaigrettes. My dad was recently giving away bags of fresh, sweet oranges from his tree. I improvised and made this light slightly sweet vinaigrette for […]

  • Freesia

    This years Freesia has doubled and I have twice as many sweet smelling flowers.

  • Mizuna Mustard

    The mustard is in full bloom. It went from being a squat bush of foliage to long stemmed bunches of flowers. The flowers go up to my hip. I’m not sure if this variety can be harvested for culinary use but it would be interesting to try.

  • Break from the Rain

    It’s absolutely beautiful today. It feels like spring with the flowers popping up.