Let’s Talk Tomatoes


The temperatures are increasing and the days are getting longer which can only mean one thing. It’s tomato time! There is something instantly gratifying about growing seedlings. Plant, water, and wait for a few days and then little seedlings emerge.
This year I’m trying to plant a little wiser. I’m going to grow heirlooms along with more productive tomato varieties. Heirlooms are great but they can really test your patience. They tend to take longer and can be less productive. Last year’s Brandywines were especially disappointing. However, the Purple Cherokees were wonderful.
I wanted to try all new varieties this year. I was especially tempted to try a French heirloom called Juane Flammee. If I included that one I would have a French, Italian, and Russian collection of tomatoes. What other varieties do you like to grow and what are you planting this year?

2009 Tomato Season
San Marzano – The classic Italian plum variety. They are considered the best sauce tomato in the world.

Green Sausage- This is 2009’s green variety. Last year I grew Green Zebras and now I’m growing this larger banana shaped green and yellow striped tomato.
Tiger Like- – Keeping with the striped theme, I’m trying these nice, small orange striped tomatoes. My tomato salads are going to look so colorful this year. It’s reported to be an early variety which is good for impatient gardeners like myself.

Constoluto Genovese- Another Italian variety. It’s has these great, oddly shaped large tomatoes. When it comes to heirlooms the more awkward the shape and size the better.

Black Krim– I have been hearing a lot of good things about this variety that originated from Russia. I really enjoyed the purple tomato I grew last year and I’m hoping this one will be as good if not better.

That’s it for now, but of course I’m tempted to try more every time I flip through the seed catalogs.


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