Month: June 2007

Georgia O’ Keefe

Nobody sees a flower-really- it is so small it takes time- we haven’t time- and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.” Georgia O’Keeffe

First Signs of Summer Veggies

It looks like my luck with cucumber plants may be changing. Look at this guy he is going to be a beauty. I’m just hoping I can get to him before the field mice and/or the dogs. Can you believe that Maya ate the deformed […]

Cube Farm Plants

Like many of us I work in a cube farm. Unlike other crappy cubicles I’ve had in the past this space has nice tall wall seperators, shelving and flourescent lighting for my desk. When I first started working here I brought in some house plants […]

New Plants

The other day we walked to our local drugstore and saw amongst the stacks of dying plants these beautiful healthy pepper plants. We dug through the pile and picked the two healthiest. We ended up with a Green Bell pepper plant and a Jalapeno pepper […]

Good Morning

Summer Time

Monster Plants

Look what I got as a surprise from my boyfriend. It’s my very own monster plant. This a combination of three different types of carnivorous plants. These guys lure small bugs and trap them only to digest them for fertilizer. I really enjoyed reading the […]

My Day in Atlanta

A few weeks ago we flew out to Atlanta and then drove back to California to help our friend move. I got to spend a day there in check out the sites of city. There are quite a few things out there that we don’t […]

Charlotte Who?

As much as I loved reading Charlotte’s Web as a kid I do not love spiders. I know they have many good qualities such as eating other creepy critters but I cannot tolerate them in my home. Recently there has been an explosion of spiders. […]

Cucumber Challenged

I love cucumber but it is an unrequited love. I orginally grew several plants. I kept three for myself and gave the others to friends. The first two died within a month. The last one didn’t grow for three months. It just stayed in this […]