Cube Farm Plants

Like many of us I work in a cube farm. Unlike other crappy cubicles I’ve had in the past this space has nice tall wall seperators, shelving and flourescent lighting for my desk.
When I first started working here I brought in some house plants to spruce up the place and I was content with those for awhile. But then one day, a coworker gave out little plants and pots to all of us as a going away gift. Then I was stuck with a bag of potting dirt and a bunch of little plastic pots. What is a girl to do? Well, if your addicted to seeds you take advantage of the flourescent lights, dirt, and pots and you start your own little cubicle garden. So far I have started with Dahlias and Violias. They are getting big enough for me to transplant at home which means I have two new planting spaces to fill. But now I need you help what should my next office plant be?
I have seeds for

4 o’clocks
Poppy’s (pink peonies)
Bachelor buttons

Comment on what you would like the next plant to be and I’ll keep you updated on their progress.


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