Charlotte Who?


As much as I loved reading Charlotte’s Web as a kid I do not love spiders. I know they have many good qualities such as eating other creepy critters but I cannot tolerate them in my home. Recently there has been an explosion of spiders. When the sun sets you catch them glittering between every bush, plant, object in the backyard. I have a little more acceptance of them outside but I do not like them violating my space inside the house. That’s why I was glad to see this handy dandy Spider Catcher. You can safely catch spiders from a distance without splatting the spiders against the wall.








2 responses to “Charlotte Who?”

  1. Chara Michele Avatar

    I could hardly read this entry because I hate spiders! 🙂 Does that thing really work, it seems like the spider would get upset and try to start climbing up it towards you? Ick…

  2. Spider Catcher Avatar

    Humane catch and release is the way forward. Spiders are good guys

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