Month: June 2007

  • Here’s Maddie!

    Meet Maddie, she is staying with us for a while. She traveled all the way from Atlanta with her owner and their cat. My dog Jack, is completely smitten.

  • The Secret to a Flourishing Garden

    Apparently, the secret to a flourishing garden is to leave for a vacation for a week and leave the sprinkles on a timer. We came back to find our garden in full bloom. The procrastinating Easter Lily’s were filled with flowers. Our Morning Glories have now outgrown the bamboo and sprouted bright pink flowers. Even…

  • I want. .

    I want one of these it’s like having a piece of the “Flinstones”.

  • Evolution of Zinnias

    I grew Zinnias for the first time this year. I started them in pots but they never bloomed. It wasn’t unitl I put them in the ground and gave them room to grow did they start growing some buds. At first I wasn’t impressed with the flowers. They looked pretty but they lacked any character.…

  • Signs

    I am slowly going through the process of downloading all of my travel photos. Most of them are a flash or a blur of passing scenery. Here is my collection of random oddities. The famous Marietta, Georgia Chicken. Kansas’s William Faulkner BBQ, who knew the author had such an influence on fine cuisine. I found…

  • Newspaper Pots

    I did some renovating to my garden. I took out some long suffering Zinnias and Cosmos out of there tiny pots and planted them in the back of the garden where they are blooming like crazy. But the front of the garden is tragically sparse. I’ve been experimenting with different ideas to grow seedlings. One…

  • I’m Back!

    We just got back from driving cross country. Our bags are unpacked and we are adjusting to our normal lives. Now I am nursing a cold I got somewhere between Georgia and Utah. I’ll post some travel pictures soon.