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  • Summer Blooms

    Summer Blooms

    At this moment, I am sipping my iced espresso and enjoying my air conditioning. Like most of the country we are riding out a heat wave. Gardening work is usually done in the morning and the evening when the temperatures are a little cooler. I was too busy with personal projects to do much with […]

  • Fall Garden

    My blogging has been a little sparse due to some  recent big personal changes. I’ll be posting more about that later. It’s been a great summer filled with unusual, moderate temperatures and cool evenings. That was until recently. The past few  weeks have been filled with temperatures in the high 90’s and low 100’s. The […]

  • How to Plant Dahlias

    Dwarf Dahlia 2010 Dwarf Dahlia 2010 I was strolling through our local grocery store, when I spotted the most beautiful display of packaged Dahlia tubers. They came in all different sizes and colors. Dahlias are one of my favorite flowers. I quickly snatched  my favorites off the shelf. That should have been enough but I […]

  • December Bloom Day

    It’s already December 15th, and that means it’s Bloom Day with May Dreams Garden. December isn’t the most prolific time for flowers but I still have a few stubborn plants. They seem to be enjoying the cold and extremely wet weather. The roses have plenty of blooms. The white Alyssum has come back with a […]

  • Fall Flowers

    I hoped everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep this morning. This Saturday I worked hard in the neglected backyard. Spent plants were removed and leeks,onions, garlic and violas were planted. I finally got around to turning the makeshift compost bin. I have been using an old dog crate. Despite my laziness at turning the […]

  • Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for October

    The calendar may say it’s October but the weather is making it feel like July. It was in the low to mid nineties this past week. The garden is going through a transition phase. Since it’s been so hot I haven’t had the heart to remove all of the summer plants to make room for […]

  • Wordless Wednesday Davis Community Garden Tour

  • June Bloom Day

    Summer has finally arrived and we just survived our first heat wave of the summer. Luckily the temperatures stayed below 100 degrees but it was also incredibly windy. After two days of strong wind and heat the spring flowers were little beat up and droopy. Here are some of my survivors. “Emily” Dahlia– I’m not […]

  • Wordless Wednesday

  • Spring Flowers in the Backyard Garden

    The backyard garden is filled with lots of new flowers. I have a mix of my old favorites such as viola, calendula, nasturtiums, and nicotiana. I’m also happy to report a few vegetables are starting to flower like my summer squash, tomatoes, and tomatillos. I especially like the tomatillo flowers which are yellow with green […]