Spring Flowers in the Backyard Garden

Lacy Phaclia

The backyard garden is filled with lots of new flowers. I have a mix of my old favorites such as viola, calendula, nasturtiums, and nicotiana.

I’m also happy to report a few vegetables are starting to flower like my summer squash, tomatoes, and tomatillos. I especially like the tomatillo flowers which are yellow with green spots. This is my first year growing them and I hope to be making salsa verde in the summer.
Yellow Squash Flowers

Tomatillo Flowers

I have also added a few new flowers to the mix. The first is coastal tidy tips (Layia platyglossa) which have pretty yellow and white flowers.
Coastal Tidy Tips

The next one is a native wildflower called Lacy Phacelia . At first I thought it looked a little too weedy. It’s probably better suited for a meadow garden. Once it started to flower though I was hooked. The main stalk uncurls into a row of these pretty purple flowers.
Lacy Phacelia
Lacy Phacella





2 responses to “Spring Flowers in the Backyard Garden”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Is the top photo Violas??? That sure is gorgeous!

  2. Carri Avatar

    Dang- your squash plants are huge already! Mine finally got planted Sunday! And then they promptly got smooshed into the soil by the rain. Lovely.

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