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National Left-Handers Day

Today is a very special day it time for all Left Handers to unite and party. Today on August 13, 1992 the Left Handers Club introduced the International Left-Handers Day. It’s a day to increase awareness of left handeness. While this is the first time […]

Hear Comes Peter Cottontail. .

Easter is tomorrow. I have stocked up on my Peeps and Cadbury eggs and now I am looking for some last minute crafts. I found some great tutorials from talented crafters. Betz White has a great tutorial on homemade cashmere bunnies. These bunnies look so […]

Irish Spring

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day so don’t forget to wear something green or you may have the unfortunate experience of some stranger pinching you. I attempted to find some genuine Irish recipes but since I am not a fan of cabbage or lamb I chose […]