National Left-Handers Day

Today is a very special day it time for all Left Handers to unite and party. Today on August 13, 1992 the Left Handers Club introduced the International Left-Handers Day. It’s a day to increase awareness of left handeness. While this is the first time I’ve heard of this holiday apparently it is celebrated all over the world and in the U.K. alone there are over 20 regional events.

So if your left handed or know someone who is you can always check out the Left Handed store. . When I was kid I would go to the Left Handed Store in San Francisco and buy left handed spiral notebooks.

Here is just a small list of famous left handers for a more complete look check out Famous Left Handers inlcuding
Charlie Chaplin
Jimi Hendrix
Hugh Jackman
Kim Novak
Ben Stiller
Jon Stewart
Leonardo Da Vinci
Babe Ruth

Cactus Flower






One response to “National Left-Handers Day”

  1. ambika Avatar

    Ooo, I’ll have to remember this for next year so I can tell my left-handed sister!

    And somehow, I knew Jimi Hendrix was left handed. I think a musician ex-boyfriend went on about him playing his guitar the opposite way and that nuggest of useless info just stayed with me.

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