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  • Happy Halloween! Past, Present and Surprise!

    Happy Halloween, I hope everyone had a good time and are recovering nicely from their candy hangover. Recently, my mom has been sending me photos from my childhood.  I thought I would share some of the pictures from my early Halloweens.  While looking at these I was surprised by how many times I chose to […]

  • Battling the Turnip

    I just grabbed my third box from my CSA and I realized that I never reported about my battle with the massive turnip. This was my first experience with eating and cooking a turnip. Since it was so big I actually was able to use it in two different recipes. The first time, I chopped […]

  • It’s Mum Mania

    Last year’s Halloween surprise was two small chrysanthemum plants in Halloween buckets. As the season progressed I received a small pot of white mums for free from the nursery. I later found a mystery one with no flowers but healthy foliage for a dollar at another store. Not knowing much about Chrysanthemum’s I just planted […]

  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween to all my favorite ghouls and witches. I’m enjoying a nice rain storm and scrambling to throw together a last minute costume for a party tonight. Here are some of my favorite spooky links to get you into the spirit of the holiday. Spooky Sites 1. Dark Roasted Blends: Collection of spooky but […]

  • Getting into The Halloween Spirit

    I can’t believe Halloween is only two days away. I thought this Halloween animation, created by Rick Gervais, was pretty clever. Copies can be purchased at Hallowindow.

  • Great Pumpkin Seed Challenge

    Last night we had a pumpkin seed cook-off. We tried three different recipes from two different types of pumpkins (white and orange). We set out to prove whether or not the internet rumors were true, are white pumpkin seeds better than the traditional orange pumpkins? To Boil or not to Boil? Here are the exciting […]

  • Last Minute Spooky Fun

    We have been so busy that Halloween kind of snuck up on us. Tonight, we are going to have a mini get together and hand out candy to the kids. I made my own poison labels using clip art and a colored printer. My work just happen to have an assortment of labels to chose […]

  • Mum-my Flowers for Halloween

    I took some photos of the flowers from my Halloween project. I think I like the white ones the best.

  • Pumpkin House of West Virginia

    Every Halloween season Ric Griffith and hundreds of volunteers carve thousands of pumpkins for display at his home. The house is completely transformed into the Great Pumpkin house. Below is a clip of last year’s display which the jack-o-lanters where synchronized to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. I spotted this on Neatorama.

  • Jack O’Lanterns on The Brain

    I have Jack O’ lanterns on the brain. We are waiting until tomorrow to carve our pumpkins with one of our friends. In the mean time I am looking up ideas for what to carve. Extreme Pumpkins has the largest and most elaborate photo gallery. Fabulous Foods– has free patterns from the fun to the […]