Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all my favorite ghouls and witches. I’m enjoying a nice rain storm and scrambling to throw together a last minute costume for a party tonight. Here are some of my favorite spooky links to get you into the spirit of the holiday.
Spooky Sites

1. Dark Roasted Blends: Collection of spooky but stunning spider webs.

2. Neatorama: Has a list hospitals you don’t want to check into.

3. Oddee: Ten Eeriest Ghost towns (Abandoned towns from all over the world)

4. Cult Case: Has a list of spooky ghost towns in the United States and Mexico. (Maybe there’s one in your area)

5. MaterPiecepumpkins: Has the best pumpkin designs.

6. Flickr set of turn of the century Halloween photos. The black and white and the homemade costumes make them feel far scarier.


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