Last Minute Spooky Fun


We have been so busy that Halloween kind of snuck up on us. Tonight, we are going to have a mini get together and hand out candy to the kids. I made my own poison labels using clip art and a colored printer. My work just happen to have an assortment of labels to chose from. I am still looking at last minute decorating ideas. We currently don’t have neighbors on either side of us and I think kids might not realize we are open for business. Here are some my favorites.


Martha Stewarts Tissue Paper Garland- make garland with either bats, ghosts or pumpkins.

Martha Stewarts Witch Curtain

Halloween Origami- I loved all of these the vampire, the ghost, the pumpkin. It’s too bad my work doesn’t have an arts and crafts time.



Vampire Cupcakes– They are just the right mix of clever and creepy. I need to remember to make these next year.

101 Cookbooks has Spooky Ghost Meringues

We will be experimenting with these tonight it’s 101 Cookbooks recipes for Pumpkin Seeds. Yummy


Craft Zine has the great and easy Lego Costume.

Evil Mad Scientist- has the now classic bat woman costume.

If you still don’t have time check out the masks on They have everyone from Larry Craig to Marilyn Monroe.

Have a great and safe Halloween everyone.






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  1. Christine Avatar

    OMG! Love it I will send you some pics of the cupcakes that my roommate and I make for Holloween, but for sure doing these cupcakes next year!! yum.

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