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Score at the Thrift Store

While hunting for gardening and craft goodies I spotted the ultimate thrift store find. It’s the 1963 version The Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book for the Hostess and Host of Tomorrow. Flipping through this book is like looking into a time capsule. There […]

Sunday Night Dinner by Simon

My boyfriend, Simon, is an amazing chef. Night after night I get treated to gourmet meals. It is no coincidence that I have gained at least ten pounds in the past year that we have been dating. Here is just an example of one of […]

Best Grilled Cheese

I am not a skilled chef or cook. However, I have perfected the grilled cheese sandwich recipe in college. I think the biggest mistake people make is using white tasteless bread with American cheese. Grilled cheese is far better when you use better ingredients. Ingredients […]

One, Two, Three, Oh No the Floor

Do you love the taste of a Cosmopolitan but hate how either you or one of your girlfriends eventually spill and stain your shirt, the chair, and the floor. Now there is a stain free version of the popular girls’ night out drink. White Cosmo Serves 2 1 cup […]

A good night. . .

 The best way to wrap up a three day weekend is with my boyfriend’s homemade pizza, wine, and old movies.

This is not your Krafty Mac n Cheese

Everywhere I look menus, magazines, and cooking shows I am seeing baked Mac n Cheese. Usually I leave all the big cooking in my boyfriend’s capable hands. But this recipe looked so easy and delicious I thought I would give it a try. Grandma liked […]


My girlfriends and I can never decide where we want to go for lunch/dinner. Next time I think we will try the wheel of food. You don’t need Vanna White’s help with this one. Just type in your zip code, spin the wheel, and your […]

Valentine’s for Grownups

It’s too bad we can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day like when we where kids. Remember how we would carefully select our favorite valentine cards (Barbie, Smurfs and Ms. Pac-man etc) and then address them to all our classmates (even the smelly kid). We would then go […]