Score at the Thrift Store


While hunting for gardening and craft goodies I spotted the ultimate thrift store find. It’s the 1963 version The Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book for the Hostess and Host of Tomorrow. Flipping through this book is like looking into a time capsule. There are quite a few recipes that make me wonder what parent in their right mind would allow their child to make these dishes. My favorite odd ball recipes a are Applesauce with Red Hots, Egg Salad Boats, Grape Tapioca and some mystery dish called White Sauce Supper. Another popular method is just to mix things in a hodge podge for example Super Soup is 1 can cream of chicken, 1 can of vegetable beef, milk and water (yummy). There are a few usable recipes too lots of cookies, fudge, and drinks. I will however try to avoid the dessert called Date Marshmallow log.







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  1. Isaiah Roberts Avatar

    i love to roast marshmallows on open fire, they taste great~”:

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