Valentine’s for Grownups

Birthday Bouquet

It’s too bad we can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day like when we where kids. Remember how we would carefully select our favorite valentine cards (Barbie, Smurfs and Ms. Pac-man etc) and then address them to all our classmates (even the smelly kid). We would then go to school and collect a mass of folded valentines while gorging ourselves on cupcakes and Tum’s flavored candies.

Now that we are adults we can snack on more tasty items. Single or not I hope you get the chance to smell the roses and have toast to your loved ones. This website had some great martini recipes

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Martini

There are many ways to make a chocolate martini. You can pick your favorite spirit such as light rum, vodka or brandy as a base spirit to mix with a chocolate liqueur. If you’re looking for a fruity taste, pick a flavored vodka or rum such as citrus or raspberry. For a sweeter taste, use vanilla flavored vodka or rum. To garnish, coat a rim of martini glass or a swirl a chocolate syrup in a glass.

– 2 oz base spirit (vodka, light rum or brandy)
– 1/2 oz chocolate liqueur
– 1/2 oz white creme de cacao
– Chocolate syrup to coat rim of martini glass

Coat rim of martini glass with chocolate syrup. Mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into a martini glass.
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