I have entered Jack into Luvmutt’s Halloween contest.

Here is Jack modeling his old Halloween costume from last year. Isn’t he dashing in his fake pantsuit?

Elvis Lives

He tolerated everything but the wig. He was utterly embarrassed to be wearing it.


Before last year I would have never thought to dress up my dog in a costume. But I was at Target and it was so cheap and snazzy I couldn’t resist. Now the selections are even better and more hilarious. Here are some of my favorites. Petedge had the biggest and cheapest selection. You have to love the classic hotdog costume it comes in ketchup or mustard.

They also had the not so scary dragon costume. This dog looks so miserable in this picture.


Dr. Fosters and Smith had some fun costumes too including the Wizard and Oz set.


The Disney Store even has costumes. Maybe Jack should go as Jack Sparrow?


I will have to keep everyone updated on this years costume. If you have any ideas, pictures of your pets or just want to tell me I’m a little odd. I would love to hear from you.



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6 responses to “Howl-o-ween”

  1. Nynke Avatar

    I’ve never seen dogs all dressud up, but it sure looks funny! Especially the hotdog 😀

  2. Tricia Garrett Avatar
    Tricia Garrett

    Shame, shame and cruel 😉

  3. ambika Avatar

    If only the cats would tolerate such things…

  4. Chara Michele Avatar

    Oh my! I remember being a kid and trying to get my dog to wear reindeer antlers at Christmas… She wasn’t a big fan:)

    Jack looks embarrassed in that second picture, but oh so cute! You will definitely have to post this years costume:)

  5. Christine Avatar

    OMG!! I love the Wizard of Oz ones!!! So cute. Jack Sparrow would be suiting. Have a happy Halloween!

  6. nkristis Avatar

    You know Christine and Ambika they do have costumes for cats. I have a friend who dresses her up for the holiday.

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