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Lovely Yellow

Spring is here and shades of yellow can be spotted everywhere in the garden. Here are a few of my favorites. Maya our golden retriever the ultimate gardening side kick. The Calendula has exploded this year. It’s twice the size it was last year. I […]

Christmas for The Dogs

The weatherman had been promising me a big storm for this past weekend. But then on Saturday the storm never rolled in and it was just too beautiful to hang out indoors. But on Sunday we finally got some much needed rain, I spent the […]


I have entered Jack into Luvmutt’s Halloween contest. Here is Jack modeling his old Halloween costume from last year. Isn’t he dashing in his fake pantsuit? He tolerated everything but the wig. He was utterly embarrassed to be wearing it. Before last year I would […]

Not What I Planned for Lunch

During my lunch break, I let the dogs out for a little fresh air and sunshine. Five minutes later I look outside and Jack is playing with something that’s a small and gray. I go outside for a closer look to find my prey driven […]

Dog Days

Do you need a mental break while at work? Tired of looking at ugly spreadsheets and word documents? When your boss isn’t around take a little brain break and look at cute puppies and adorable mutts. For the best collection mixed breeds check out Luvmutts […]

Jack is Famous!

My dog Jack is the featured mutt on the website

Hmm, is your dog spoiled?

I was flipping through a Petedge catalog last night when I spotted the ultimate in dog owner craziness. They actually have three different sets of dog furniture.  That’s right they have a collection of dog furniture for the dog who has everything.  Each collection had a luxurious […]

Love is Fleeting

Maya’s “babies” go through four stages. First there is the love affair. She carries her new toy wherever she goes, she guards it from us and the other dog (she even buried a toy in the backyard). She even takes it to bed with her. Then […]