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  • Spring Harvest

    The temperatures continue to stay at record lows and the normally hot and dry central California has been feeling more like Portland, Oregon. While this means I’m going to have to wait to enjoy my summer tomatoes and peppers there is a silver lining and that is an extended season of lettuce, peas, and spinach.…

  • Spring Flowers in the Backyard Garden

    The backyard garden is filled with lots of new flowers. I have a mix of my old favorites such as viola, calendula, nasturtiums, and nicotiana. I’m also happy to report a few vegetables are starting to flower like my summer squash, tomatoes, and tomatillos. I especially like the tomatillo flowers which are yellow with green…

  • March Bloom Day

    Today, couldn’t be a better day for bloom day. The plants are especially perky now that the temperatures are a little warmer. The Mickey Mouse violas and alyssum that I bought a couple of months ago have really taken off. The Violas have been especially happy and have already reseeded themselves throughout the beds. I…

  • Spring Bulbs

    It maybe raining today, but yesterday was a great day to take pictures of the spring flowers. Freesia, crocus,calla lily, grape hyacinth, and a few tulips are all in bloom. Crocus Grape Hyacinth Freesia Tulip

  • Viola

    I found an old package of Viola seeds a few months back. I didn’t think they were viable so I just threw the seeds in a pot and forgot about it. I was pleasantly surprised when this little plant showed up. I love the periwinkle color.

  • Sunday Tulips