Spring Harvest

The temperatures continue to stay at record lows and the normally hot and dry central California has been feeling more like Portland, Oregon. While this means I’m going to have to wait to enjoy my summer tomatoes and peppers there is a silver lining and that is an extended season of lettuce, peas, and spinach. Normally, I grow peas and if I’m lucky I get maybe a handful of peas at a time. But this year I was able to harvest entire bowls full of peas. This variety if incredibly sweet. So sweet that I am guilty of snacking on them straight off the vine.
Little Marvel Peas

Most Successful Pea Harvest Ever

I also have plenty of lettuce and leafy greens. I’m currently growing Kale, Forellenschluss, Tom thumb lettuce, Red Sails and Mignonette Bronze, Correnta Spinach, Red Orach (which has tragically bolted) and Bordeaux spinach.

The Forellenschluss lettuce is my current favorite. It’s an heirloom from Austria and it means speckled like a trout’s back. It’s taken a lot of neglect and yet it continues to thrive. It grows like a romaine but has the texture of a butter lettuce.



Sadly, the Red Orach plants have already bolted.

Red Orach Bolted





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  1. Julie Avatar

    That Forellenschluss lettuce is so beautiful!!! What a wonderful garden you have! Lovely peas too!!!

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