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  • Baby It’s Cold Outside

    It’s been a very cold winter for us this year. Thankfully, we aren’t buried under snow like other areas but we have been experiencing record lows. I have been faithfully checking the weather channel and when I see a chance of frost I go into plant protection mode. I scramble around the backyard covering any […]

  • December Bloom Day

    It’s already December 15th, and that means it’s Bloom Day with May Dreams Garden. December isn’t the most prolific time for flowers but I still have a few stubborn plants. They seem to be enjoying the cold and extremely wet weather. The roses have plenty of blooms. The white Alyssum has come back with a […]

  • Fort Mason Community Garden

    While exploring Fort Mason, I accidentally stumbled upon it’s gorgeous community garden. I felt like like Mary Lennox discovering the Secret Garden. Beyond the garden gate is a massive 7,000 square foot community garden in a park like setting. The numerous plots are surrounded by flowers and succulents. Little benches placed throughout the area make […]

  • Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for October

    The calendar may say it’s October but the weather is making it feel like July. It was in the low to mid nineties this past week. The garden is going through a transition phase. Since it’s been so hot I haven’t had the heart to remove all of the summer plants to make room for […]

  • Wordless Wednesday

  • Kniphofia

    I received this dwarf Kniphofia from Carrie at Read Between the Limes She received a number of rare plants from Fitzgerald nurseries. She gave me three dwarf varieties of different colors. It normally doesn’t bloom it’s first year. I mistreated this plant horribly by planting in partial sun and dry soil next to the compost […]

  • Sunflowers

    This year I grew several different sunflowers along the side of the house. This portion of the yard doesn’t get a lot of attention. It is the location of the stray pots and our compost bin. Surprisingly, they are doing quite well here. The house seems to protect them from the wind and they get […]

  • Growing Hops in the Garden

    I share a community plot with my friend Mitch who is a big home brewer. When he offered to share his plot it was under the condition that I would not harm the nine hop plants he was growing in the plot. He is growing Chinook, Cascade, and a few other varieties. The prior year’s […]

  • June Bloom Day

    Summer has finally arrived and we just survived our first heat wave of the summer. Luckily the temperatures stayed below 100 degrees but it was also incredibly windy. After two days of strong wind and heat the spring flowers were little beat up and droopy. Here are some of my survivors. “Emily” Dahlia– I’m not […]

  • Monday Harvest

    I was able to harvest my first yellow squash along with carrots, onions, and zucchini. I used them for a pasta primavera dish which was the perfect dinner after surviving the first heat wave of the summer. Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne’s Dandelions. If you want to see what others are harvesting in their […]