I received this dwarf Kniphofia from Carrie at Read Between the Limes She received a number of rare plants from Fitzgerald nurseries. She gave me three dwarf varieties of different colors. It normally doesn’t bloom it’s first year. I mistreated this plant horribly by planting in partial sun and dry soil next to the compost piles. Once I saw it was blooming I moved it to the community plot.





2 responses to “Kniphofia”

  1. Carri Avatar

    Pretty! I planted like 9 or 12 of them- and I’ve only gotten two blooms (off different plants). They last a long time on the plant which is nice! I think this one is Bees Lemon? I can’t remember?!

  2. Roya Avatar

    I have 3 from Carri (Had 6, but also mistreated them), and one of mine just started blooming!
    My Bees Lemon isn’t going quite yet, but my Jenny Blom is, and it has 2 blooms:)
    I wasn’t aware that they aren’t supposed to bloom the first year. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right!

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