Lovely Yellow

Spring is here and shades of yellow can be spotted everywhere in the garden. Here are a few of my favorites.

Maya our golden retriever the ultimate gardening side kick.
Lemon Head

The Calendula has exploded this year. It’s twice the size it was last year.

I forgotten all about the yellow freesia until it popped up recently. It was nice since the others were starting to fade.
Yellow Freesia

Shades of yellow in the little Johnny Jump Up and the Calla Lily.
Teeny Tiny Johnny Jump UpCala Lily







3 responses to “Lovely Yellow”

  1. keewee Avatar

    Such lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Julie Avatar

    Oh wow…you have so much gorgeous activity already in your garden! Beautiful! I am jealous cause you are either watering or getting rain…neither of which do we get here!!! As you probably already know I am going to all succulents outside now! But this can be fun too, especailly over here at A Succulent Life.

    I am fixing to take out a hibiscus and lantana (each overgrown at about 5-6 ft. high, along my one front edge of fencing, and I am trying to figure out which succulent would be best there (to help hide my a/c unit also)….it needs to be able to grow at least 4 ft. high! I am thinking a huge clump of aloe!

  3. Joy Avatar

    Love Love Love seeing these gorgeous yellows girl ! … and a lemon tree to boot : )
    Maya is one beautiful garden assistant too !

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