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  • Greetings

    Welcome back!

  • Chocolate Mii’s

    We have been steadily playing Wii since Christmas. Micracously I’m actually doing worse at sports than when I started. It’s almost like high school P.E. all over again. However, I do like the the little character Mii’s you create for the game. We started with characters that look like ourselves and now have branched out…

  • Death of the Ipod

    I was happily bopping around listening to my precious IPod yesterday when it just stopped working. I shut it down, pressed all the necessary buttons, had my boyfriend open the baby up, and attempted to charge him but with no avail. All I got was the dreaded Apple Unhappy face and then nothing at all.…

  • What does your Starbucks order say about you?

    Here is the ultimate personality test. According to the Starbucks Oracle it is never wrong. Just type in your favorite Starbucks beverage and learn a little about yourself. Check it out and share with me your results. The Oracle of Starbucks (I found this via Neatorama)

  • Summer Loving

    Summer has arrivied and that means that means venturing out into the great outdoors and relaxing. Target had this inventive cooler/picnic table. It would perfect for the beach or the park. Ofcourse you can also just relax in your backyard. One of the must have items that I spotted on the internet is this uber…

  • Charlotte Who?

    As much as I loved reading Charlotte’s Web as a kid I do not love spiders. I know they have many good qualities such as eating other creepy critters but I cannot tolerate them in my home. Recently there has been an explosion of spiders. When the sun sets you catch them glittering between every…

  • Let’s Play

    I worked the past two years as a behavior therapist working with children with physical and mental disabilities. Finding games and toys that everyone can enjoy can be especially challenging. I gave a little cheer when I found the newly redesigned Rubik’s cube on Design Milk. Designer Zhiliang Chen has created created the new Rubik’s…

  • Because Your Never To Young to Get Political

    I had a chuckle when I saw these political onesies on Baby Politico. Their theme is that, “Your never to young to support a just cause. ”

  • A Case of the “Mondays”

    I found the perfect mug for my morning coffee. What could be better on a Monday when your eyes are half open and you are greeted with a stack of paperwork. Behold the Pessimist’s Mug which I discovered on Coffee and pessimism a perfect pair.

  • Hello Ted! (Amorphophallus titanum) “The Corpse Flower”

    When University of California Davis Botanical Conservatory announced that they had a Corpse Flower in bloom we decided to check it out. The Corpse Flower or Amorphophallus titanum is this huge plant that can get to be up to 6 feet tall. People where standing on ladders to get a closer look. Uc Davis has…