Death of the Ipod


I was happily bopping around listening to my precious IPod yesterday when it just stopped working. I shut it down, pressed all the necessary buttons, had my boyfriend open the baby up, and attempted to charge him but with no avail. All I got was the dreaded Apple Unhappy face and then nothing at all. To make matters worse my office computer blocks me from downloading itunes and my cubicle neighbor is playing Celine Dion’s greatest hits.

Luckily, I discovered online radio stations. So far the best one is Accuradio. It’s got a variety of different music. It also has a feature where I can just skip to the next song or go back one or two tracks. It has has a handy link to Amazon if you want to purchase the cd. Each song has an albulm cover and you click on the cover art to get more details on the albulm.






2 responses to “Death of the Ipod”

  1. Simon Avatar

    Aww! The dreaded, yet inevitable, death of an iPod. Garrett told me that their iPod died yesterday too. The scroll wheel quit working. I guess yesterday was a bad day to be an iPod!

  2. nkristis Avatar

    hmm, maybe the Ipods are conspiring against there owners. . .

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