April Bloom Day

I would rather think of today as Bloom Day instead of the dreaded tax day. This past month has been unusually cold and rainy for our area. The flowers seem to really enjoy the cooler temperatures and brief rain storms. The violas, alyssum, and poppies seem especially happy.
I was surprised by this year’s columbines. I grew them from seed and planted them last year and was very underwhelmed. I had foolishly assumed they wouldn’t grow in my zone and gave away my seeds. This year they took off and now I have these gorgeous purple and yellow columbines.

To see what’s blooming today in gardens all over the globe go to Maydreamsgarden.





4 responses to “April Bloom Day”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Everything looks so pretty! Loads of color!!! I tried to grow pumpkins once and got tons of the beautiful blossoms (like squash), but no pumpkins….still I enjoyed seeing the vines and flowers!!!

  2. Kate Avatar

    It looks as if you have lots of flowers in bloom. The Columbines are beautiful. I love their colours. You’ll get lots of seeds and will be able to have more throughout the garden. This year, I’m starting a bunch of new Columbine varieties. I just hope they all grow. (have just signed on to Twitter as gardenfinn in case you wondered who was adding you yesterday!)

    Happy GBBD! One of these months, I’ll have something in bloom. It’s still too early (and cold) for there to be anything blooming in the garden yet.

  3. keewee Avatar

    Columbines are one of my favorite flowers.

  4. Sparow Avatar

    Those are gorgeous columbines! That’s amazing that you grew them from seed, I thought they were hard to do that way. Any tips?

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