Tag: Bloomday

  • December Bloom Day

    It’s already December 15th, and that means it’s Bloom Day with May Dreams Garden. December isn’t the most prolific time for flowers but I still have a few stubborn plants. They seem to be enjoying the cold and extremely wet weather. The roses have plenty of blooms. The white Alyssum has come back with a […]

  • June Bloom Day

    Summer has finally arrived and we just survived our first heat wave of the summer. Luckily the temperatures stayed below 100 degrees but it was also incredibly windy. After two days of strong wind and heat the spring flowers were little beat up and droopy. Here are some of my survivors. “Emily” Dahlia– I’m not […]

  • April Bloom Day

    I would rather think of today as Bloom Day instead of the dreaded tax day. This past month has been unusually cold and rainy for our area. The flowers seem to really enjoy the cooler temperatures and brief rain storms. The violas, alyssum, and poppies seem especially happy. I was surprised by this year’s columbines. […]

  • March Bloom Day

    Today, couldn’t be a better day for bloom day. The plants are especially perky now that the temperatures are a little warmer. The Mickey Mouse violas and alyssum that I bought a couple of months ago have really taken off. The Violas have been especially happy and have already reseeded themselves throughout the beds. I […]