Early Bird. . .


Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations at the same time. Sigh, I don’t know about you but I like to enjoy my holidays one at a time.







3 responses to “Early Bird. . .”

  1. Philip Avatar

    I agree.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Jerri Lynne Avatar
    Jerri Lynne

    Enjoyed your November garden beauties. I don’t know how to garden at all, so it amazes me what you can grow. Your photography of your flowers are works of art.

    Seems like Thanksgiving is blending in with Christmas more and more each year. That house is an eyesore for sure. Yes, happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Jenny Avatar

    The early Christmas stuff drives me crazy. We have a local radio station that started playing Christmas songs November 1 and sometime this month (I’ve been boycotting them, but noticed on a radio scan) they’ve become all-Christmas, all the time. Ugh. There are Christmas lights lit up on my street at night, too. Poor Thanksgiving; I love it but it’s getting completely run over by marketing.

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