Evolution of Zinnias

I grew Zinnias for the first time this year. I started them in pots but they never bloomed. It wasn’t unitl I put them in the ground and gave them room to grow did they start growing some buds. At first I wasn’t impressed with the flowers.
First Zinnia
They looked pretty but they lacked any character. However, I began to notice that little by little a new row of petals unravels making the flower prettier everytime you look at it.
When it is finally done it’s fuller and to my suprise I noticed that they have little tiny yellow flowers in the center.
Zinnias The flower within the Flower
Now I am a fan. I had not idea they where so complicated.






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  1. Chara Michele Avatar

    Wow they look amazing! I love the little yellow flowers on the inside! Nature is so breathtaking sometimes…

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