Still Hunting for Knitting Help

I have been searching all morning for a podcast or free knitting video on the internet without any luck. I did however find a number of free patterns that I want to try once I get past the first step of “casting on”.

  • Through the Loops had a few free patterns including a shrug and a hat but I really like the red and white scarf.
  • The fun website RoxyCraft– had a nice assortment of pattern including an assortment of baby items.
  • Canadian Living Magazine– had quite a few knitting patterns including a laptop cover.
  • Two Left Needles– has the prettiest handspun scarf pattern I can’t believe it’s free!
  • Posy Get’s Cozy– has a pretty baby blanket she made her using organic cotton and it looks soft and cozy.

Since I have no pictures of my own knitting creations yet. I will leave a picture of a feral cat I found on the dock in Northern California. He seems to be saying and why aren’t you knitting yet? hmm

Feral cat found on the pier

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