Month: April 2007

  • Rocky the Tomato

    I had planted Roma Tomato seeds a few months ago. I was told by experience gardeners that planting from a seed wouldn’t work and that it’s best just to buy a vine from a local gardening shop. After a few weeks they flourished and I had an abundance of tomato seedling plants. Then we had […]

  • The Planting Project

    After working all Saturday at a local event. Simon and I relaxed this weekend by harvesting some of our plants. It’s hard to believe the little seedlings I grew a few months ago had grown into these full spinach plants. We also added a few of our onions to our salad. The end result was […]

  • Just Duckey

  • Moody Day

    It’s been a hectic day at work and I’m not in the mood for bright colors. Here’s some of my old black and white photo experiments. Here is an Easter Lily Some Roses And ofcourse a photo set isn’t complete without my dog Jack. and then there is my sister’s dog Neo. Neo is a […]

  • Notecard Swap 2007

    I am so excited I received my packet of cards from Creative Kismet’s Notecard Swap. I have been meaning to post this for a few days but it took me a while to get a picture up that showed off all of my pretty cards. Each card is unique and everyone had there own technique […]

  • Purple Cosmo

    Here is another graduate from my seedling project. It just made it’s appearance this morning but the cosmos have so many buds on them. I just hope the 90 degree heat that’s expected this weekend doesn’t get to hot for them.

  • Chic and Crafty

    I am looking at my tattered, stained, little purse and I am thinking it needs to be retired. But instead of just buying a replacement I thought I would tackle one of the many tutorials I found on making your own purse. Here is just a sample of some the great tutorial for sewing your […]

  • I think they are trying to tell me something

    Apparently, the dogs think I spend too much time on the computer. They keep stepping on my feet, lying under the desk, and Maya keeps pushing my hands off the keyboard with her nose.

  • Keeping the Fido Out of the Garden

     I have been looking for ideas on how to keeping pets out of the gardens. I think the most foolproof way is to install netting or fencing around the perimeter of the plants. My internet search also included some rather interesting and questionable methods for detering pets. I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has […]

  • Spot the Frog

    It took me forever to try to take a picture of this frog. The lake was filled with them but they would jump and hide and then most of the pictures I did take didn’t turn out because they could blend with the colors of the rocks.