Keeping the Fido Out of the Garden

 I have been looking for ideas on how to keeping pets out of the gardens. I think the most foolproof way is to install netting or fencing around the perimeter of the plants. My internet search also included some rather interesting and questionable methods for detering pets. I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has tried any of these methods or if you have your own method for keeping pets out.

  • Putting Mothballs around the garden will keep pets away.(The smell would keep me away too)
  • Putting pepper which will make the pets sneeze and leave the garden.
  • Spray Listerine or the product bitter apple which should repel animals. (However, my sister’s lab mix actually liked the taste of bitter apple)
  • There is an old folk remedy and I am not sure why this would work where you place one gallon plastic milk jugs filled with water around the perimeter of the property. (I’m sure my neighbors would love that landscaping idea)
  • Don’t use fish emulsion fertilizier as the smell will attract dogs, cats, racoons, and skunks.
  • Spread ground hot chile peppers overly new planted beds to prevent dogs and cats from digging. The chemical capsicum will give a burning sensation which should keep them out of the garden.








2 responses to “Keeping the Fido Out of the Garden”

  1. Chara Michele Avatar

    I would be nervous about using mothballs, because some animals might try to eat them.

    Actually I would try the bitter apple, since most dogs and cats do not like it. Occasionally you get one (like your sister’s lab) that like it, but it seems like most are deterred by it.

    As far as water jugs around the garden, I would think that would actually attract thirsty dogs and cats who just wanted a drink! 🙂 I hope you find a good solution!

  2. nkristis Avatar

    I have to agree with you, I hesitate to put anything that could possibly be poisonous to the dog or stray cat. I liked the more organic choices like the bitter apple (but then I’m not sure if that would kill the plants) and the peppers. I am going to try with the netting. Jack usually isn’t destructive but so I don’t think he’ll break it. But we shall see my cucumber and spinach plants might be more delicious than I thought.

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