Month: April 2007

  • Yurt Living

    Ever heard of a yurt? My first exposure to these self supporting structures from Central Asia was on an episode of Dwell. An uber cool couple had created a little hide away in their backyard. On the outside they look like plain little canvas huts but on the inside they had wrap around bench seats…

  • Earth Day 2007

    We avoided another rainy Sunday and took off to Auburn, California. Where we celebrated Earth Day by hiking the trails and dodging an unusual amount of mountain bikers. The trail was very easy and there where great scenes of water and cliffs. They had plenty of wildflowers growing amongst the grasses and rocks. There where…

  • Cucumber Thief

    Don’t let those big puppy eyes fool you this is a vegetable thief. Apparently, the fence we put around the vegetable garden was the equivelant of the sneeze guard at the buffet. You know it’s there but it really doesn’t serve any real purpose. Jack can manage to squeeze his 50 pound body through the…

  • First Cosmo on a Cloudy Day

    The first of the Cosmos bloomed today. I had planted these seedlings a few months ago and I am surprised by how tall they are. There a few more blooms on the other plants and  I am hoping for a variety of different colors in the next few weeks. Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Earth Day

    April 22 is Earth Day.

  • It’s Creepy Crawly Thursday

    Debbie from BagginIt is having a creepy crawly week for her third grade class next week. I thought we could all get into the spirit with a few bug pictures.

  • Seedling Envy

    I have seedling envy. I had bought Simon these cute seedling pots at our local dollar store. He got sunflowers and I got another type of flower. They both came with a little ceramic pot, a seedling pouch, and dirt. We planted our seeds at the the same time but after a week his  sunflowers…

  • Two More Days till the Weekend

    It’s Wednesday “hump day” and the weekend is just around the corner. These flowers are all over Davis. They are in the parks, along the streets, and in my neighbors’ yards. They have so many color variations. My favorites are the purple ones.

  • I want these!

    Shelterrific has some of the coolest plants I have ever seen. They are called air plants or epiphytes and they are unique because they do not need soil to grow. Just soak them once a week in water and watch them grow. They almost look like space plants. They can be purchased

  • The Cosmos are Coming!

    I am so excited the cosmos I planted as seedlings are about to bloom some flowers. The Zinnias keep growing taller but I am still waiting for some buds. The tulips, crocus (never bloomed), and other bulbs all have bloomed or wilted and are ready to be planted for next year. The veggies are doing…