I think they are trying to tell me something

The new desk is a hit part 1.

Apparently, the dogs think I spend too much time on the computer. They keep stepping on my feet, lying under the desk, and Maya keeps pushing my hands off the keyboard with her nose.
What do you mean your working?
The new desk is a hit part 2






3 responses to “I think they are trying to tell me something”

  1. Matt Mikulla Avatar

    Yea. My dog does the same thing. Maybe we should listen to them more. They are often wiser than us.

  2. nkristis Avatar

    Yeah, Maya has her moments I think she trying to tell me to go outside and since I am outside I should also toss her a tennis ball a few times.

  3. Chara Michele Avatar

    Your dogs are adorable! My cats do the same things to me too. They always want attention when I am on the computer:)

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