San Francisco Garden Show



Last weekend, my friend Amy and I headed to the bay area to check out  the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. This was my first time attending this event and I was surprised by how big it was. The first building housed the display gardens and various vendors.   The display gardens were very popular with the crowds. There was possibly something for everyone like wood burning hot tubs, Tiki bars, even hanging hydroponic lettuce.  I personally prefer the ones that incorporated edible gardening and recycled materials.

Hydroponic Lettuce from UC Berkley

Hydroponic Lettuce SFGS

UC Berkely Hydroponic Lettuce Garden

Edible Gardens
Happy Cow on straw raised  beds

Zen Edible Garden
Zen Edible Garden SFGS

Wood Burning Hot Tub

Woodburning Dutch Hottub

Crazy Chandelier
The Fenced In Wine Area


The Hammock Looked Relaxing


Arizona State’s Garden

Arizona Display garden

The next building was filled with vendors. Around every corner there was another set of plants we wanted to buy.  We actually put together a strategy to make sure we didn’t miss anyone. We went through the maze of vendors looking at the variety of plants.  I even ran out of money at one point and had to hit the ATM. I knew my wallet was in trouble when the first thing I saw was a wall of dahlias from Dan’s Dhalias.  They had every  type and color of dahlia imaginable. I manged to just buy two but that’s only because I had already had several waiting to be planted back home.

Dan's Dahlias

Amy and I had a lot of fun at the Succulent Gardens table. I actually regret not buying more of these gorgeous succulents.

Succulents from Succulent Gardens in Castroville.

Succulents, why did I just grab  one!


No Shortage of Orchids.


There were a number of great local nursery’s to check out including Morning Sun Herb Farm and Digging Dog Nursery. Amy bought a few plants from both and I walked away with a cute dwarf Hummingbird bush from Morning Sun. We saved our favorite nursery for last which was Annie’s Annuals. Annie’s booth was filled with all different types of flowers, native and exotic plants. I left with four different plants from there and I wish now I had bought more.DSC_0057

Plants for sale



That was just a sampling of what the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show had to offer there where also cooking demonstrations with famous chefs like Alice Waters and gardening seminars. There were also Children’s gardens and projects. I hope to go again next year but maybe go longer and check out more of the seminars and food.






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  1. Nell Jean Avatar

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. I love looking at pictures taken by visitors to the shows rather than the official pics. You’ll look at what I would see.

    1. nkristis Avatar

      Thank you, it’s nice to hear from you. I would recommend checking it out if you are in the area next year. take care

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