Garlic Harvest

Wow, what a difference a month makes. I finished my second harvest of garlic and shallots last weekend. This crop was called Brown Tempest. The produced huge heads of purple striped bulbs. Once they were harvested they were rinsed off, roots cut off, laid out to dry in the sun for a few days, and are now hanging in a closet. The shallots were yellow dutch shallots and I am treating them like onions. I laid them out in the sun for a couple of days and now they are being stored in a well ventilated, dark place. I’ve been grabbing one here in there for recipes. They taste great and are such a money saver.







5 responses to “Garlic Harvest”

  1. Julie Avatar

    How beautiful!!! That is fantastic…what a great crop!!! ENJOY!!!!!

  2. Karen Avatar

    I have yet to figure out onions and their friends. Someday! Especially shallots. I always forget where I planted what and dig them at the wrong times to actually get anything. Cute photo of you, congrats on your great harvest!

  3. Daniel Avatar

    Daniel says, “Wooooah! That’s our Aunt Kristi!”

    You look so little next to the harvest. Daniel keeps picking everything almost ripe despite a barrier. He ate the bell pepper anyhow and says yummy. Oh yes, and something is nibbling our tomatoes. ANy tips?

  4. ambika Avatar

    Oh, I wish we could start a garden. The boyfriend is dying to put in tomatoes and things but we’ve just got our timing all wrong. Oh, to have fresh, home grown garlic!

  5. regina Avatar

    YUM garlic. It looks great. Congrats on a beautiful garlic harvest.

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